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Talent recruitment

    1. Workplace
    2. 2018-12-07
    3. 4000-6000
    4. experience
    5. Number of recruiters

    1. Assist the General Manager in the marketing of medical equipment in the region, complete the sales targets, and decompose them into hospitals and product lines in detail according to the annual tasks issued by the Director of Sales.

    2. Understand and collect the market information of the region in an all-round way, and be responsible for the feedback of market information and the adoption of countermeasures.

    3. Assist General Manager in managing, training, product technical support and sales guidance for salesmen.

    4. Do a good job in the development and maintenance of key customers, pay attention to the cultivation of purchasing intention of key customers, help to improve the academic development of key customers, and establish long-term, good and stable customer relationship;

    5. Assist the Marketing Manager to participate in the bidding work and grasp the market price and demand information, bidding quotation, contract terms negotiation and contract signing dynamically.

    6. Reporting to the General Manager regularly the market situation and staff work situation in the region;

    7. Cooperate with Marketing Manager to integrate data and coordinate internal relations within the department.

    1. College degree or above, major in marketing, etc.

    2. Over 3 years experience in market product investment management;

    3. Has abundant customer resources and customer relations, excellent performance;

    4. Strong ability of market analysis, marketing, promotion and interpersonal communication, coordination, negotiation, analysis and problem solving.

    5. Strong ability of management, judgment and decision-making, planning and execution;

    6. Strong sense of responsibility and leadership.

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