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After-sale service

I. Corporate Credit Commitment
The company adheres to the principle of product = personality, steady and honest operation, providing customers with first-class products. Xi'an Weian Industrial Co., Ltd. solemnly promises to continuously improve the service quality while ensuring the advanced, reliability and stability of the equipment. From sales to after-sales delivery, commissioning and opening, equipment maintenance and management, technical services, user technical training and other aspects, to ensure that customers can get the best service, so as to satisfy and reassure customers.

II. Pre-sale Service Commitment
1. Providing professional consultation. We promise to answer any professional and technical questions you ask within 24 hours.

2. Provide detailed information. We guarantee that all the technical information you need will be available within 24 hours.

3. Provide reasonable quotation. We assure you of a reasonable quotation for the products you require within 24 hours.

4. Provide visiting reception. We guarantee to receive your visit at any time, and provide you with all kinds of conveniences you require for your inspection work.

3. Service Commitment in Sale

1. We guarantee that you will sign the contract by adopting the national unified Contract for Purchase and Sale of Industrial and Mineral Products.

2. We guarantee that all the terms and conditions stipulated in the contract will be strictly implemented in a quality and quantity manner, regardless of the volume of the contract.

3. We guarantee strict implementation of the terms and conditions stipulated in the contract on time, quality and quantity.

4. We promise to provide you with delivery, installation, commissioning, training and other services as stipulated in the contract.

5. We guarantee that your request is to sign a rigorous and scientific Technical Agreement.

IV. After-sales Service
1. Debugging and commissioning for users free of charge - Engineers are responsible for installation, commissioning, commissioning and testing of field equipment. After the successful commissioning of the equipment, the supplier shall provide the test results to the user in writing, and the supplier's technical personnel may evacuate the site only with the consent of the user.

2. Regular patrol inspection - our company will patrol inspection system as one of the routine maintenance work, that is, the company organizes half a year to run equipment patrol inspection. Company patrol engineers and technicians mainly, with the participation of designers. And listen to the problems and suggestions of user maintenance personnel, and constantly improve the software and hardware functions and quality of products.

3. Quality Guarantee Period - The equipment under the contract is guaranteed for 12 months after successful installation and commissioning. During the warranty period (except natural disasters and man-made damage), the cost of parts, components and travel expenses shall be borne by the supplier.

4. Lifelong maintenance to ensure the interests of users - Xi'an Weian Industrial Co., Ltd. equipment from the date of acceptance and acceptance, under normal conditions (excluding natural disasters and man-made damage), the whole machine is guaranteed for one year. In addition to the warranty period, the company provides life-long paid services.

5. Establish user files and improve product quality. In addition to developing user technical consultation services, the company maintenance center is also responsible for receiving and collecting user complaints and consultation information, ensuring that users'questions and requests can be dealt with in a timely manner, and tracking and verifying the handling situation. At the same time, user files are established to record the use of products, which provides a basis for future product quality improvement. We will continue to strive for excellence to provide customers with the most satisfactory products and services.

6. The company's spare parts warehouse can provide users with 10 years'use and spare parts at the most favorable price.
After-sales service outlets and contact information
The company's after-sales service network throughout the country, in many cities with after-sales service agencies.
Vian Headquarters after-sales service organization:
Address: Room 029-85398993 83204537, 12403, Moore Center, Xi'an High-tech Zone

As a user of Xi'an Weian Industrial Co., Ltd., we thank you for your trust in our company. If you have any suggestions and requirements for our company's products, you should inform us in time. At the same time, regular maintenance should be carried out according to the company's instructions and maintenance manuals for all kinds of products. If equipment fails, you should inform all the maintenance personnel of our company in time so as to discover and deal with them in time. We believe that through the communication and cooperation between the two sides, we will maintain the equipment well.

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